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2.6 Bewässerungswassernutzung – eine globale Perspektive (Stefan Siebert & Petra Döll)

2.6 Irrigation water use – A global perspective (Stefan Siebert & Petra Döll)

Irrigation water use – A global perspective: Quantitative, spatially resolved estimates of historical, present-day and future irrigation are an important basis for sustainable agriculture and water management. Here we present estimates of the extent of irrigated areas and of irrigation water use that are based on statistical data, modelling and scenario assumptions. The global figures are supplemented by data on a regional level, by statistics for the extent of irrigated areas and by two maps showing the actual extent of irrigated areas and irrigation water use at a resolution of 0.5 degree by 0.5 degree. Results of a global irrigation model indicate that climate change may lead to moderate increases of the irrigation water use at the global scale but to larger changes at the local and regional scale.