2.13 → Bildung, Nutzung und Bewirtschaftung des Wasserdargebotes in Deutschland

(Klaus D. Aurada)

Formation, utilization and management of water resources in Germany: 

The article deals with aspects of large-scale water balance, including both prerequisite base data and anthropogenic modifications of the land surface, including volumes and areas of dams in Germany. Based on these, various approaches to the characterization of the water budget are presented. The conditions controlling water resources in Germany are presented with respect to their formation, utilization and, in particular, to storage capacity changes.

The latter are characterized by an increase in the supply potential (available water resources) from 100.0% (1850) to 104.6% (2000), and a decrease of the hazard potential (reducible water resources) from 99.8% (1850) to 95.3% (2000). Considering the possible changed climatic variability, it is necessary to raise the flexibility of these cooperative systems in catchment areas and supply distrits in Germany.