3.1.4 → Einfluss des Klimawandels auf die Grundwasserneubildung im Tschadseebecken

(Sara Vassolo)

3.1.4 → Groundwater and climate change

(Sara Vassolo)

Groundwater and climate change:

Groundwater is world-wide one of the main resources for the drinking water supply. Further, groundwater is the only possibility of supplying water with adequate quality in rural areas or arid regions. But even in urban regions the use of groundwater is up to now the most economic way of supplying drinking water of good quality.

Groundwater is a natural resource that renews depending on the local climatic conditions. The typical way of groundwater renewal is by seepage from rain through the geological formations in the underground. However, recharge can also be obtained by seepage from surface water like lakes, ponds, rivers, or even locally by artificial recharge.