3.1.9 → Aspekte der Niederschlagsvariabilität in Afrika im Zeitraum 1951-2000

(Christoph Beck)

Precipitation trends and shifts of rainfall regimes in Africa in the period 1951–2000:

In this contribution the hydroclimatic variability over Africa in the period 1951 to 2000 is examined in terms of linear trend estimates, long-term changes of drought indices and spatiotemporal variations of major African rainfall regimes determined by non-hierarchical cluster analysis. Results indicate significant negative trends in precipitation sums and as well corresponding significant increases in drought severity, most striking in the Sahel region and in northern parts of southern Africa.

The comparison of the two periods 1951–1975 and 1976–2000 with respect to the percentage of land area designated to major rainfall regimes reveals an expansion of arid and semi-arid climates and a concomitant reduction of more humid climates.