3.2.11 → Überschwemmungsrisiko und Klimaänderung aus der Sicht eines Rückversicherers

(Wolfgang Kron)

3.2.11 → Flood disasters and climate change: Trends and options – A (re-)insurer’s view

(Wolfgang Kron & Gerhard Berz)

Flood disasters and climate change: Trends and options – A (re-)insurer’s view:

Flood-related disasters account for almost a third of all natural catastrophes throughout the world (in terms of numbers, fatalities, and economic losses). Trend analyses reveal that major flood disasters and the losses generated by them have increased drastically in recent years.

Co-operation between the state, the affected population, and the insurance industry assumes a key role with regard to the flood hazard. Scientists, engineers, and insurers must work together in formulating their requirements and shaping them in such a way that politicians can derive clearly recognisable policy options (e.g. land-use restrictions) from them.

Another important aspect is stepping up the efforts being made towards curbing climate change, which will, otherwise, exacerbate the risk situation in the future.