4.18 → Die Privatisierung der Wasserversorgung in Deutschland und ausgewählter Länder

(Hans-Werner Krüger)

The privatisation of water services in Germany and selected countries:

In the past two decades, public water supply and sewage services have been undergoing a process between liberalization in order to open formerly closed markets, and privatisation. The latter is allegedly bringing money, know-how and efficiency into public services. While in developing countries this promise has proved to be false in many cases, in Germany it is difficult to identify typical traits of private operation, as the field is characterized mainly by mixed public utilities.

The European Commission is aiming to open public services in a field not yet finally regulated. International attempts to improve the supply of drinking water in poor countries try to secure profitable conditions for private sector engagement on the one hand, on the other hand they improve local capabilities in policy and water management. Civil society opposition to privatisation continues to differ considerably.