Kapitel: 2 → Auswirkungen des Klimawandels auf aquatische und terrestrische Ökosysteme

2.6 → Klimatisch bedingt treten neue Pflanzenarten auf

Jana Lübbert, Silje Berger & Gian-Reto Walther

Summary: Climate change favours introduction of new plant species

One of the observed ecological responses to recent climate change are geographical range shifts of plants and animals. Indigenous species may expand their ranges into neighbouring areas. However, also introduced species may naturalise and expand their range.

In the last 30 years an increasing number of exotic species originating from warmer regions have been recorded to spread in Central Europe, apparently profiting from increasing temperatures. Human transports alllow the spread of species over long distances, both, on purpose (e.g. ornamentals) and accidentally.

The invasion of cold-sensitive non-indigenous species may particularly be facilitated by climate change. A benign climate no longer limits survival and reproduction by harsh winter conditions to the same extent as decades ago.