Kapitel: 5 → Was soll getan werden?

5.1 → Die Politik ist gefragt: Zentrale Strategien für globalen Klimaschutz

R. Günther

Stand 2008 -Vollständiger Text nur im Buch WARNSIGNAL KLIMA: Gefahren für Pflanzen, Tiere & Menschen – Kap.5.1 (2008) verfügbar. Das Buch (384 S.) ist noch unentgeltlich erhältlich (Lozan@uni-hamburg.de). Nur die Versandkosten müssen übernommen werden.

Policy is called for central strategies for a global protection of the climate: 

In order to prevent dangerous climate change it is necessary to implement a range of different instruments on different political levels: internationally, nationally and on the European level.

Technologies have to be developed further, put on the market quickly and disseminated more widely. This will not happen of its own accord; rather, strong incentives and policy instruments are needed. Giving carbon a price is a necessary instrument, but alone it is not sufficient. Ambitious energy efficiency standards and feed in tariffs to foster renewables or funds are necessary as well.

The technologies to tackle climate change are mostly already available. Much can be achieved in terms of technology; the key question for the future is whether the need to act and insight into the terrible consequences of not acting can create sufficient political will to prompt important policy decision makers to implement. In 2007, a lot changed in this respect.

However, it is not clear at the moment whether the strong response from the press and the dramatic increase in public awareness will lead to concrete action being taken.