Kapitel: 5 → Was soll getan werden?

5.7 → Kontrolle tropischer Infektionskrankheiten

Rainer Sauerborn (Universität Heidelberg)

Stand 2008 – Vollständiger Text nur im Buch WARNSIGNAL KLIMA: Gefahren für Pflanzen, Tiere & Menschen (2008) Kap. 5.8 verfügbar.

Control of tropical infectious diseases:

Most tropical infectious diseases are climate-sensitive; their geographic and seasonal distributions are strongly influenced by climate. It is quite difficult to determine exactly that fraction of the diseases burden which is attributable to climate change.

In this chapter, we present a short overview of the causal pathways, through which climate change influences the transmission of infectious diseases, Using the illustrative example of malaria, we show what can be done to recognize the spread of climate sensitive infectious diseases, to control or to prevent it.