1.4 → Das Konzept Wasser in der Sprache der alltäglichen und öffentlichen Diskussion

(Ulrike Haß)

The concept of water in everyday and public discourse:

Changes of consciousness might start observing the status quo of consciousness. But which consciousness, that is, which definition (concept) of water accompanies everyday „unconscious“ thought, communication, and behavior? Which, more or less, conscious concept of water shapes public discourse in the media and forms a starting point for political action?

It is shown that the aspects of drinking, washing, and landscape constitute the core and that the aspect of costs is linked to utilization; however, the origins of the costs (purification, availability) are not considered. Furthermore, the social perspective (especially regarding the last fifty years in the FRG) is actually very one-sided and partially blind. Therefore, precisely this status quo must be acknowledged and considered if political measures are to be taken for the protection of water.